Book Review | Lost Souls

25907264Title: Lost Soulds
Author: A.O. Esther
Pages: 189
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, New Adult
Published: October 2014 by Lawsome Books
Source: E-Book from NetGalley
Rating: 3 Stars
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository


In the wars that rage between Heaven and Hell the greatest battles of all are waged within the heart…

When angel Sophiel is instructed to head down from Heaven to save the souls of the dead on Earth, she finds herself at the centre of a war with the dark angels. Stripped of her celestial form and mortally wounded Sophiel comes face to face with Elijah, the angel of fire, and is in grave danger … until Elijah saves her. Carrying her to safety and away from his army of mercenaries, Elijah and Sophiel find themselves drawn to one another. Can they face the evil Magus together? Amongst his soldiers and courtesans, how much will Elijah risk to keep Sophiel alive? Torn from The Forest- and Sky-Dwellers who call themselves her kin, and held in a human body driven by desires she doesn’t understand, can Sophiel trust the Dark Angel at the centre of everything she has been sent to bring to an end?

My Thoughts:

* I would like to thank NetGalley for sending me this book for an honest review*

Hands down my favorite books to read are about angels. So of course I had to read this book. What I did not like about this book was how quickly the two characters fell for each other. I felt like it needed more time to build up between them. Also I did not like how there wasn’t enough world building in this book. I am hoping there is more in the other books from this series, which I do plan on reading.

One of the things I did like about this book was how there was fairies and forest-dwellers in it. Not many books that have angels in it have other species involved in their story. Which I love about this because the forest-dwellers were so nice to Sophiel even with knowing she is an angel. Reading about them made me wish I was Sophiel because they sounded so cute and fun. I would give anything to be taken in by them. However, as far as I know fairies and forest-dwellers do not exist.

Now the love between Sophiel and Elijah. Like I said I do not like how quickly they fell for each other. Though I do like how they don’t act on it. So it makes it more easy to read the book because if they acted on it, I do not think I could continue to read the series.

Sophiel is an angel of light where as Elijah is an angel of dark, which of course means that loving each other is not good. Sophiel is wanting to continue her duty to heaven but her feelings for Elijah is making it difficult for her to do so. Elijah wants to her to come to the dark side with him but on her own terms. Same goes with her falling in love with him. He doesn’t want to force her to love him.

The one major thing I like about this book, expect that it is about angels, is that it mentions some of the well named angels like Gabriel. However, I do need to continue to read this series to figure out if I trust Elijah or not. Right now I am on the fence when it comes to him. Though I do like Sophiel, if I could have someone be my guardian angel it would defiantly be her.


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