TV Show Review | Containment Ep.1

containment-season-1-jake-poster-containment-the-cw-39444102-331-500Show: Containment
Channel: CW
Airs: Tuesdays; 9/8c
Premiered: April 19, 2016
Reviewing: Episode 1; Pilot
Rating: 4.5 Stars

My Review:

This series is a mini-series event; that follows an epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta. Leaving part of the large city quarantined and those inside fighting for their lives. When I heard about that, I was immediately interested in the show. One of my favorite shows happen to be The Walking Dead. So, of course I would like this show too.

I already have characters that I am hoping survives and some that I do not trust and want to die. Which is so wrong but it is the truth.

The show starts off pretty intense with it being shown how crazy it gets in the future. With the National Guard stepping into the quarantined area, to see that people are screaming, and the infected walking the street. Then withing a blink of an eye it goes to day 1. Where everything seems perfectly normal. So you’re able to see what this break out leads up to. Which was an excellent little teaser. Showing not too much of what is going to happen when we finally get to that day of them no longer being able to rid of the virus. 

We are able to get to know all the main characters of the show well enough by jumping around to each character smoothly Now I have seen some shows and movies; when they cut to a new scene or character it is not done so smoothly. Where as this show does it perfectly!

So about the virus, they have no idea what it is. Except that it is deadly. It takes 16 to 48 hours for the infection to kill those who are infected. They at least know who patient zero is. Since he went to the hospital for medical help. Also because the doctor who was treating him ended up infected too. 

Since they found out about as little information they can on this deadly virus they are able to tell people to not touch anyone and to stay 4 to 6 feet away from each other. Which of course would be hard for some people. Especially parents who want to protect their children. 

Where we then have The Department of Health and Human Services, put part of the city on lock down and quarantine it. Waiting for the 48 hours to be up. Having loved ones being separated from each other by a fence.  

Now my favorite scene of this first episode is at the very end of the show. I will not share what happens but I highly recommend watching this show!. My only reason why I gave it a 4.5 star rating is only because this is a limited show event. Episode 4 is premiering this week and I am cannot wait to watch it. I know this review is late. I wanted to wait til episode 3 aired to make sure I still felt the same about this show. Which I do! 

If this show ends up coming back for another season I will post about it. Also when the final episode airs, I will be doing a review on the whole series. So be on the lookout for that. 


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