TV Show | Containment Series Wrap-Up

Containment was a mini-series event, that followed an epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta. Leaving part of the large city quarantined and those inside fighting for their lives. On both sides of the wall, they are trying to protect those outside by keeping those inside where they belong. Since they could be infected with this virus that can kill you within 48 hours after being contaminated. Loved ones are separated and alliances are tested.

I absolutely loved this show and I am still bummed that it happened to be a limited series event. However, if this show gets picked up by another network, I will be one very happy person. So for now my fingers are crossed. Though I have the gut feeling, that this show will not be picked up by another network.  I loved all the characters and need more of them.

A part of me liked how it ended but a big part disapproved it. Since *SPOILER* we don’t find out if they cure everyone or not. You see that they find someone else who is immune to the disease but that’s it. We don’t know if people stay stuck inside the quarantine or if they are able to leave. There is the fact that the Sabine finally got busted. One major thing that I liked about the ending was how a certain characters ashes was set free. A character that I absolutely loved and hated that they had to be the one to die. I mean it killed me. I was crying so hard. Though sometimes a beloved character needs to die in a series.

The last few remaining episodes were a little jam packed as in, rushed. It seemed like they were trying to wrap it all up. However, it made the show seemed a little too boring at times. Which the show is not at all boring. It is similar to The Walking Dead but different because they get to the those infected before it can spread. So if you love that show you would definitely like Containment. I am not sure where you can watch the show but if you find a place then I highly suggest watching it. I am still giving it only 4.5 stars because like I said I dislike how it was a limited series event, the fact that a character I loved died, and how quickly they rushed things at the end. Otherwise I could give this show a 5 star rating. It honestly is a 5 star show.

If you watched this show please let me know what your opinions were.


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