2017 Reading & Blogging Goals

Well it’s the new year and I figured why not make some goals? Here is what I’d like to happen for 2017 by sharing with you what my goals are for reading and blogging.

  • Improve my reviews. I know that at the moment I am not where I want to be and hopefully it shows that I have improved by the end of the year. (if you have any tips, please leave a comment telling me what I can do)
  • Improve my blog with a new template and use graphics
  • Have more beauty related posts. (I always planned on this blog being more)
  • Read at least 75 books. Hopefully I surpass that goal by reaching 100 books. (though for some reason goodreads has messed up how many books I’ve read so far)
  • Finish series that I have started before this year and if I do that, then finish series that I started this year.
  • Reread some books like Vampire Academy and the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead and Sweet series by Wendy Higgins.
  • Read some self-love/help books

Thank you for taking your time to read this. What are some of your reading and blogging goals for 2017?


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