March Wrap-Up

Hello and welcome to March Wrap-up. I’ve read a total of  11 books this month. Which honestly surprises me. Didn’t expect to read that much. After reading the first few books, I realized that I was in the mood for contemporary. Also I really like this layout of my March Wrap-up. So I’ll be posting my wrap-ups like this from now on. Anyways here is what I read for the month of March and sorry that it’s a little late.

18660447The first book I chose to read for this month was the Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West. It involves Gia, standing outside her prom, and her boyfriend breaking up with her. Who she desperately needed to join her tonight to prove to her friends he exists. Just her luck, there happens to be someone in the parking lot. Immediately Gia has Hayden pretend to be her boyfriend, Bradley. Though after prom they planned on never seeing each other again. However, Gia cannot stop thinking about him. Just her luck Hayden’s sister enlists her to pretend to be his girlfriend… I absolutely enjoyed this read. The relationship between Gia, Hayden and Bec was so entertaining. It was a fast read for me and also I couldn’t put it down. After reading this I knew I had to pick up more books from Kasie West. I gave this 5 stars and totally recommend it.

22609310Up next I FINALLY picked up Confess by Colleen Hoover. Mainly because of the tv show coming out. Also I love the actress playing Auburn. Now this book is about Auburn who moves Texas to restore her chaotic life she walks into a Dallas art shop for a job, to be surprised by what the artwork means but also by her attraction to Owen. However, both of them happen to be hiding secrets that slowly come out throughout the book… This was my second read by Colleen Hoover and I do plan on reading more. While reading this I was shocked by Auburn’s secret. Wasn’t what I had expected but I honestly enjoyed it because a lot of people go through the same situation. Including her relationship with Trey. A part of me didn’t want this to end because I felt like there could have been more to their story. I ended up giving this 5 stars.

17669243This one surprised me, for some reason I did not expect to like Thief of Lies by Brendra Drake. In this book we have Gia who is in a library with some friends when she sees a cute boy disappear. Her curiosity gets the best of her when she goes searching for him and ends up transferring herself and her friends through a book to a completely different library. Where it happens to be now dark out. It also happens to be where she sees others her age fighting creatures not from this world. In this new world she learns the truth about how she was able to access this new ability to jump through books to access libraries across the word…At first I thought this was going to be a book added to my DNF pile. However, I pushed through and honestly enjoyed it. It was captivating with everything going on. Some characters I didn’t like because I didn’t feel a connection with them. Gia, was one of those characters, I just felt like she wasn’t that well written but I am hoping throughout the rest of the series she develops. Other than that I rated it 4 stars and I do plan on finishing this series.

cover97349-mediumGeekerella by Ashley Poston was lovely and captivating. This was one of the first few netgalley reads. Which I am so thankful I got approved for. I did do a review for this book which you can click here. Geekerlla is about Elle, who is a lover of Starfield and desperately wanting to get away from her family. Who of course are evil just like the Cinderella stories. Which if you cannot tell this is a Cinderella retelling. Then we also have Darien who is cast to play the beloved Carmindor from the series Elle loves. However, fans of the show are not pleased with him playing Carmindor. Though little does everyone know that Darien is also a fan of the series. The two end up getting in touch by texting. Though neither know who the other is. Elle doesn’t know she’s talking to the actor and Darien doesn’t know he’s talking to the girl who wrote him off on her blog…This story reminded me so much of A Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff but with it’s own unique way. If you haven’t picked this book up yet then what are you waiting for? This is one of the best Cinderella retellings I have ever read. I gave this 5 stars which it obviously deserved!

cover108428-mediumThe next netgalley read was At First Blush by Beth Ellyn Summer. Lacey is a beauty vlogger who has gotten the chance to intern for a well known magazine. She and two other vloggers get the chance to follow around heartthrob Tyler Lance. Who happens to be breaking away from the band to start his own solo career and the vloggers need to show his new image and music. However, Lacey never expected to develop feelings for Tyler or have him return those same feelings. The question is will she be able to live both her youtube life and real life without problems? Okay when I read the description I was instantly pulled in and had to read this book. However, once I had it, for some reason I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it. Thankfully I was proven wrong. It was nice seeing Lacey go through these struggles that involve her youtube career, her families career and then her actual real life. Seemed so realistic seeing her go through this and do her best. Also was nice to see her character develop. I will be doing a full in depth review on this soon! I gave this 5 stars and I do recommend reading this. Especially if you enjoy music and youtube.

cover109218-mediumBirthright by Jessica Ruddick is another netgalley read. In this story you have Ava whose birthright is to be a seeker for the Grim Reaper, an arrangement made by a fallen angel who happens to be ancestor of hers. The fallen angel wanted to be back in heaven so that was the arrangement to make it happen. Though Ava isn’t pleased with her job. Especially when she meets Cole. Who she happens to hate but also like at the same time. Once her feelings for him develop she realizes that he has the soul of it being a potential angel. Now Ava has to make the choice of saving Cole or giving his soul up…This was definitely nothing like I have read before. I enjoyed the Grim Reaper taste to the book though I wish there was more of it’s presence then really just talk. I had originally gave this 5 stars but decided just now to bring it down to 4 stars instead. I did enjoy it but not enough to be worth 5 stars.

11571298._UY200_Another book I picked up because the tv series, Thirteen Reason Why by Jay Asher. I immediately need to say that I did not enjoy this book. I had problems with it and I do plan on posting it in a review soon and that’s all I have to say. I know if I get into a few of my opinions about this story that I will never stop. So,this book is about Hannah Baker, who sends out tapes to certain people. Each of these people have to listen to all thirteen stories of why Hannah killed herself. One of the people happens to be Clay, who of course is on the tapes. However, he has no idea why…Yeah there really isn’t much for me to say which is why I do plan on doing a review soon. I ended up giving this one only 2 stars. Sorry to those of you who enjoyed this but I have my reasons for why I didn’t.

cover108951-mediumThis was the last netgalley read for the month and it was another Cinderella retelling. Unnoticed by Amanda Deed is about Jane, who is considered plain by those in town. Since she wears nothing nice nor fancy, and that she keeps to herself. They even find it weird how she always has a bird perched on her shoulder. However, that is until newcomer, Price takes care of her tooth problem and is immediately intrigued by her…This was a unique read for me. It takes place in the year 1877 in Australia. Also her father happens to be alive but is distant. Other than having her evil step-mother and sister, Jane does have two other friendly people in her life who care for her. She even has a lot of her own animals that she takes care of. I even liked how the ball was instead of just wearing a fancy gown and showing up. You had to wear a mask and costume. Giving Jane the perfect way to hide her identity. Which she sounded stunning when described. I ended up not giving this one a bigger rating because it does involved a lot of church and God talk. It bothered me only because I don’t go to church and it was overwhelming with how much talk there was about it. Leaving me to give this one a 3 star rating. I do recommend it though.

11408650I kept hearing about this book so I finally checked it out at the library. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin was a mystery and captivating read. The synopsis for this one had very little detail which I honestly loved! You have Mara who just went through a tragic accident leaving her best friend and two others dead. Instead of staying where she lived, her and her family packed up and moved to Florida. Where she thought she was able to get away from her past. On her first day of school she sees something that isn’t really there and from there it just gets worse. Slowly Mara is remembering what happened. Though she meets the handsome Noah, who knows things that he shouldn’t. As Mara realizes what happened she becomes afraid for those she loves lives….That is all I am saying. Well about the book, my thoughts were just how incredible this one. However, I kinda figured out what happened but not really. I am still unsure how it happened just like Mara is unsure. Then that cliff hanger! I need to know what is going on with Mara, Noah and of course that cliff hanger. However, it will have to wait until I purchase the trilogy. Which I tend to do when I read library books, if I like it enough then I’ll buy the rest of the series. Of course I gave this 5 stars. What else is new?

18798983The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh is incredible!! How do I even describe how amazingly well written this book is? Oh wait, I just did. Anyways, this book involves Shahrzad aka Shazi, is determined to get revenge for her friend who fell victim to to Khalid. Who happens to have his new bride killed the next morning. Which is why Shazi volunteers to become his next bride and survive. Little did she know that Khalid would be captivated  by her stories and her personality. Soon Shazi realizes that King Khalid is nothing like she expected and that she’s falling in love…This book was so fascinating that I wanted to read it again. However, I wanted to do it when I own both this book and the second. I am very pleased with how this story played out. There was character development, friendship that had the most fun banter and even some mystery. All I have for this book is good praises. Which I will express in a book review. I yet again gave this book 5 stars. I am having a 5 star rating going on. Hopefully soon I will find more books that I don’t enjoy too much.

12954620My final book for this month was Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. Where has this book been all my life? I picked this up because I kept seeing it on booktubers shelves and seeing people talk about the others from the series.  In this book there is four povs, each of them has their own faults. You have the Princess who is raised in luxury and goes on an adventure to find this magic that could save someone she loves. However, she has someone wanting to kill her for revenge, the rebel. He wants not only to take down the two royals but also the kingdoms. Then we have both the heir and sorceress who are siblings. The heir is dark and silent making him fearful, especially since his father is known for killing people. Then the sorceress is the known prophecy throughout the kingdoms. Slowly she learning her magic while learning about the truth of who she really is…It was hard to describe what this story is about since there is four povs. I wasn’t sure how. Now I really enjoyed this. I’ve heard some reviews that made me not want to pick this but I am grateful that I did. Normally I don’t like this many povs but it was so well done that it made me like it. Now, I only gave it 4.5 stars because of the feelings that heir has for his sister that is the sorceress. It was uncomfortable reading it, even though yes she’s adopted. Which is not spoilers by the way but I just didn’t enjoy hearing how he felt for her. It’d be fine if she didn’t grow up having a sibling relationship with him but she did. Also he didn’t know she wasn’t his sister. That’s why I rated it 4.5 stars.

What did you guys read for the month of March?


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