April Wrap-Up

Hello and welcome to my April wrap up. First off I’d like to say that I am sorry that this is late but been busy. Anyways for the month of April i read a total of 13 books. Which I believe is the most I have ever read in just one month.

21414439The first book I read was Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. It was one of my picks from the library and chose to read it since everyone keeps talking about it. Also the synopsis pulled me in. Truthwitch is about two witches named Safiya and Iseult and trouble follows them wherever they go. After running into powerful Guildmaster and his ruthless Bloodwitch bodyguard, the girls are forced to flee their home. Safi has to avoid being captured for she happens to be a Truthwitch. On their journey they run into Prince Merik, who helps slow down the Bloodwitch from finding the girls. I enjoyed reading this so much that I ended up ordering the book through Book Outlet. I do have a review coming. Anyways I rated this book 5 stars and cannot wait to read the next book in the series.



Be a Storm Chaser was another book I picked up from the library. My reason was because I wanted more information on storm chasers and tornadoes. Since I do plan on writing my own book and I also want to chase a storm one day. It did give more information then I expected and is perfect for little kids and also if you want a bit of information. It was a quick easy read for me and perfect for studying. I did end up giving this 3 stars mainly because I was hoping for a bite more information then what was given.



Then I jumped into Twister: A Terrifying Tale of Superstorms by Samone Bos. First off this book pulled me in because it has the dominator on it. Which happens to be a real storm chasing vehicle and I’ve seen on a TV show and movie in action. Also because I was curious on how this was written. It is definitely perfect for little kids who are wanting to get into storm chasing or just want to learn more about storms. It’s not only a story but it also offers information on storms. In this book we follow Jeremy who goes to and visit his cousin only to find out that they chase storms for fun. They pull him along, giving Jeremy the chance to have a new adventure and learning something new. I ended up giving this 3.5 stars.


22522202Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines is so far my favorite book by her. I did enjoy The Vincent Brothers but it wasn’t a favorite like this one was. Some parts reminded me of when I was in High School. I even liked how Maggie and West connected with tough situations they’ve both been put through. Even enjoyed the romance in this read. We follow both Maggie and West through school and their own troubles. To everyone Maggie doesn’t speak ever since she witnessed her father murder her mother. Then we have West who wants to talk to someone about his father who’s dying of cancer. Until one day he decides to tell Maggie, who surprisingly responds to him. Their connection builds as she’s the only one he talks to and he appreciates having someone who understands. I gave this book 5 stars and cannot wait to see what happens throughout the series with the other characters.


23492282Then I read No-where But Here by Katie McGarry because I love the Sons of Anarchy show and loved Dead Dirt Cheap by Sarah Nicole Lemon. Figured why not read another book that is similar. One certain part in the book has me laughing so hard! I even read it to my mom who was shocked to hear what happened. Seventeen year old Emily likes her life the way it is until one day when she goes to visit her father’s side of the family. From there her life gets turned upside down. A rebel biker club finds out she’s in town and tracks her down. From there her father has Oz keep an eye on her which is something he doesn’t desire to do. Except it could be the one thing that makes his dreams come true. However, both don’t expect one thing to get in the way. Oz and Emily start to develop feelings for each other which could cause trouble for Oz. Now I rated this book 5 stars and writing this makes me want to pick it up again.


15283043I was yet again in the mood to read another Kasie West book which happened to be The Distance Between Us. Immediately I knew that I was pulled in and would purchase any book by this author. Caymen grew up watching the rich, seeing how they waste their money on pointless stuff. Especially on dolls from her mothers shop. Until one day Xander Spence walks in. Immediatly the two start hanging out and develope feelings for each other. However, she doesn’t tell her mother since she disapproves them. Though one day Caymen realizes money might be an important thing to Xander and she’s worried about that. I really liked this book, it wasn’t exactly how I thought it was going to be. Figured it was going to have a different take but I actually liked how the story went. Also love Caymen’s name. I find it so pretty! Also I enjoy her sense of humor. Had me laughing a couple times throughout the book.


25459663Decent by Katie O’Sullivan was the first e-book of the month for me. Which I needed to read so I could post my opinions up on Netgalley since they gave it to me for free for an honest review. A tornado strikes down and destroys Shea’s life. The farm he lived on gets destroyed and his father goes missing. From there, his grandmother picks him up and moves him to Cape Cod. Where he meets Kae who belongs to the sea and her kingdom is at war with another kingdom. This wasn’t at all what I was hoping for. Was honestly disappointed in it. The synopsis was what pulled me. Mermaids and tornadoes. Two things I am intrigued by but wasn’t satisfied at all. I could see others enjoying this read but for me I just didn’t enjoy it. I will go more in depth soon in a review. I ended up giving this 2.5 stars.


23009402I then wanted to read a book that I was more interested in which was Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. Who’s books I keep seeing everywhere! In Saint Anything Sydney’s older brother Peyton has always been the star of them family but one day he is involved in a accident. Turning both his families and another’s family upside down. Then Sydney ends up meeting the Chathams, who own a pizzeria. She becomes best friend’s with the two younger siblings and she feels comfortable around them.  Now, I didn’t like how it ended, only because I would have liked to see how the conversation went and if it lifted a big weight from her chest. Other than that I loved this book! Really liked how Sydney felt comfortable with the Chathams and the friendship she built with the family. Along with the two younger siblings Lacey and Mac friends. Even enjoyed how the mother seemed to distant herself from the reality of what happened and focused her time on Peyton. Some parents would do that or they’d do other things like even abandon their kid. There is a few things I want to mention but they contain spoilers but I liked how those scenes played out. Except I wish more had happened with Ames and Sydney. I felt like there was all this buildup for a short lived scene. I wanted more to happen. Gave this 4.5 stars only because I didn’t like the ending.


Then I finally picked up Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan. What pulled me in with this read was how people compared it to the TV show Revenge. Which was a show I absolutely love and miss. Frances Mace is the daughter and friend of those who died from the attack on the Persephone. She also happens to be the lover of the enemy. In this book she seeks out the truth and revenge against those who lied about what happened. Doing anything to prove what really happened on the Persephone. Now I did see some similarities in this book with the TV show. Also it wasn’t an all time favorite read for me. I felt like some information was lacking a bit and also that it needed more depth into the story. Ended up giving Daughter of Deep Silence 4.5 stars.


28953922As soon as The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid arrived I had to read this. In The Diabolic we follow Nemesis is a Diabolic who was created to kill anyone that harms the person she was created for. Sidonia is the person she is to protect at all cost, especially when the Emperor summons Sidonia to Imperial Court. Leaving Nemesis to go in her place by becoming Sidonia. While there Nemesis learns to have the one thing she doesn’t have…humanity. As I was reading this, it was not at all what I thought and I am unsure of how I feel about going into the next book when it comes out. Not saying I didn’t enjoy reading this but not sure I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I have a bad feeling that some horrible things will be happening in the next book. Anyways I rated this 4.5 stars.


33164988Here is another netgalley read for me. Four of a Kind by Kellie Sheridan sounded so interesting from what I read on the website. So I figured why not read it? Reagan is one of the famous Fairview Four. Her and her family move back after fourteen years and happen to be the attention of the town. Which of course can be annoying. A disastrous incident at school leads her down a different path, one that could make her be something other than one of the sister’s. However, things are not going smoothly for the other three sisters. I actually enjoyed this. You get enough information about each of the sisters even though it’s only a one person point of view. You see all the sisters go through different stages from the move to Fairview. Each girl goes through character developments which was one thing I really enjoyed about this. I believe there is other books to this series and if I am correct, I do plan on reading them. With that being said I rated this 4 stars.

31322309One Italian Summer by Keris Satainton was an e-book I was unsure of reading. When I first saw I was like no, then i decided to give in and request it. It’s been a year since Milly, Elyse and Leonie’s dad died. The girls and their mother go to Rome for their last trip in the summer. While dealing with the lost of her father Milly also has to see Luke, her crush.The girls all going through situations of there own, including their mother. Will Milly and her family have one last summer vacation to remember or will it be something to forget? Surprisingly I did enjoy this. It was the best read but it was entertaining enough to enjoy. Like the previous book I read, you get enough information about the family and see them all go through stages in their life after losing their father. You see them go on this family trip for a wedding the first time without him. It didn’t make me cry but I can see some people maybe crying, especially if you lost a loved one. The romance was something I disliked a lot! If the guy didn’t seem like a player I would’ve been okay with the relationship. I will go into more description when I finally post a review. I ended up giving this 4.5 stars.

29755190The last and final book of the month was Heartborn by Terry Maggert. This was something I wanted to love so much but it disappointed me. Keiron is Livvy’s guardian angel and was meant to be a hero, making him a Heartborn. One day he is pushed. Livvy has half a heart and bears a lifetime of scars and pain with little hope of survival. That is until Keiron arrives. I do not want to say too much here because I don’t have a lot to say and rather state my opinion in the review I’ll be posting soon. Anyways, another thing I am intrigued by is angels, which this has. However, it was so boring for me. I kept putting it down and not wanting to finish it. I feel bad for saying that but I will say Terry made it unique from any other angel book I’ve read and is an excellent writer. Just, this book was not for me. I ended up giving this 2 stars.



That was all I read for the month of April. Again I am sorry for it being late.


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