Book Review | Birthright

cover109218-mediumTitle: Birthright
Author: Jessica Ruddick
Pages: 284 (Kindle)
Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural, Romance
Published: March 20, 2017
Rating: 4 Stars
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |


How do you live with yourself when you decide who dies?

Ava Parks would have killed for an iPod for her sixteenth birthday. Anything would have been better than coming into her birthright of being a seeker for the Grim Reaper, an arrangement made by her fallen angel ancestor in exchange for his re-admittance to heaven. And she isn’t just any seeker—she finds soul that have the potential for becoming angels and sentences them to death. A year and two souls into her role as a seeker with her conscience overflowing with guilt, Ava comes up with a plan to thwart the system. When it goes awry, she is forced to submit the name of a classmate, Cole Fowler, an ornery, rough around the edges guy who always seems to come to her rescue, whether she likes it or not. Her feelings for Cole prompt her to intervene, and she saves him from death, upsetting the Grim Reaper’s agenda.

While Ava schemes to find a way to save Cole, she learns he has some secrets of his own. She lets him believe he is protecting her, and not the other way around, until a final showdown with the Grim Reaper forces Ava to make choices Cole may never forgive.

My Review:

Special thanks to netgalley for providing me with an e-arc for an honest review

My first book by Jessica Ruddick, and I have to say I was impressed.  It was right up my alley and it reminded me of Jennifer L. Armentrout characters. There is so much witty banter between the characters and I loved it! This was something different from what I’ve read lately. Especially with reapers. I wouldn’t say there’s character growth except for a little bit. Maybe there will be more in the second book.

You see, I now worked for the Grim Reaper. Yup, at seventeen, I was a lackey for the bringer of death. 

Ava as a seeker can see people’s auras and the whiter the better. As a seeker you tell the middle man a name who tells the reapers. However, the auras do tend to bother Ava along with having innocents being killed. Even if they’re a potential for being a angel. Now Bill was an odd character. Always disappearing. However, I ended up liking him a little bit even though he was hardly in the book. Even though the relationship with her mom is rocky. Though she could always tell what mood her mother was in by her mannerisms. I do enjoy the good moments they share. She doesn’t have friends because she moves around a lot. Xavier, the middle man, made me think he was the devil. Though he’s not, honestly believe he’s actually the main Grim Reaper. Something about him has me thinking twice about who he is. Also I wasn’t swooning over Cole but I did love his character.

I looked up at him, now able to focus since my racing heart had slowed from I-think-I’m-going-to-die speed to OMG-he’s-hot speed.

Both Ava and Cole have secrets that keeps trying to pull them apart but they’re attracted to each other. Cole warns her to stay away because he says it’s not safe to be near him. Though for Ava it’s not safe for him to be around her. It isn’t instalove at all. The relationship doesn’t develop until more the ending. Now ever though I wasn’t swooning over him, he does seem very attractive and like the perfect gentlemen. Hoping that when I read the second book, I’ll grow to like him more.

“Do you have any idea how much pain can be inflicted on someone who can’t die?”

Now like I’ve said a couple times I do plan on reading the second book. Also I do recommend this. I may have rated it only 4 stars only because it was a top favorite read for me like a few other books. Though I did enjoy this one a lot! As soon as I read the second book I will post a review.


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