Book Review | Unnoticed


Title: Unnoticed
Author: Amanda Deed
Pages: 306 (Kindle)
Genre: Retellings, Christian, Young Adult
Published: March 1, 2017
Rating: 3 Stars
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |


Plain Jane O’Reilly is good at being unnoticed. Detested by her stepmother and teased by her stepsister, Jane has learned the art of avoiding attention. That is until Price Moreland, an American with big dreams, arrives in her small town. Does she dare to hope someone might notice her? However, Price Moreland may not be the prince that the whole town thinks him to be. Was his desire to be a missionary a God-given call, or just a good excuse to run from his past? Complete with an evil stepmother, a missing show and a grand ball, Unnoticed takes the time-old Cinderella fairy tale and gives it an Australian twist.

My Review:

Special thanks to netgalley for providing me with an e-arc for an honest review

This Cinderella retelling takes place in Australia the year 1877. Jane is known around town as Plain Jane because of her appearance. She also walks around with a large cockatoo perched on her shoulder. One day she goes to town so she can her tooth looked at. Which is where she meets newcomer in town Price. Who happens to find Jane intriguing, especially with Moses, the cockatoo perched on her shoulder. Jane’s heart happens to belong to another and she can’t wait for his return. However, she slowly develops feelings for Price. Who she believes could never feel anything for her. Unlike the Disney version, Jane still has her father, though he is kind of absent. Pretty much turning a blind eye towards the stepmother and stepsister being disrespectful towards Jane.

I could relate to Jane because of how she feels about herself. However, I’m happy her character does grow. It’s a great feeling to develop yourself. The plot is very much like Cinderella but with it’s own unique twist in this retelling. Amanda Deed involved God, so if you’re not comfortable with that, then this wouldn’t be the read for you. Since it does appear throughout the book. I did enjoy this read but felt overwhelmed by all the talk about being Christian and God. Nothing against it, just was too much for me. You get a bit of a backstory for Price. So you can understand why he left home to go off on this adventure.

It isn’t instalove, since Jane does have feelings for someone else. Though that was the case, I did enjoy the slow buildup of the relationship between Jane and Price. Especially since she believed no one like him could ever want her. Since she wasn’t the least beautiful girl in town.

The ball involves costumes and masks, which was fun to read. Learning what everyone dressed up as, but Jane’s was my favorite. She sounded stunning and beautiful. If this was ever turned into a movie, I hope the pick a girl that resembles Jane in the book. Since no one knows how beautiful she truly is until that moment. Oh, you also get a backstory for the stepmother. Learning why she is the way she is now. Which happens to be heartbreaking and you almost feel for her but I didn’t. There is also a farm where Jane has most of her animals and two other adults her care about her. Both playing the fairy godmother for Jane.

Now that’s all I have to say. I do recommend reading this if you want a different take on the Cinderella retelling.


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